Flotsam collected from 29 trips to the shore – Part 1

Love is a beneficent form of laziness, like the soft rain that fertilizes the ground on which it falls. Raymond Radiguet, The Devil in the Flesh You wake up as the alcohol wears off around 3am. A child dragged through nettles. Weak-kneed dreams and you’re waiting for me in a hotel I never return to.Continue reading “Flotsam collected from 29 trips to the shore – Part 1”

Scrapbooking: Euro 2020 Final

In cutting the ground from beneath all social distinctions, carnival affirms the absolute equality of all things; but in doing so it sails perilously close to the excremental vision, reducing everything to the sameness of shit […]The morning after the merriment the sun will rise on a thousand empty wine bottles, gnawed chicken legs andContinue reading “Scrapbooking: Euro 2020 Final”